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History Of The FC3S

During the late 80's and very early 90's the 2nd Gen was the newest of the RX7 Models ( FC3S )

In the UK there were only 3 styles sold in the 5 years. These were the S4 EGI ( Normally Aspirated ) and the S5 Turbo II ( Turbo charged ) - the S5 was sold in the form of a Coupe and a Convertable

Around the world mazda released various different models of the FC3S which saw the S4 convertable the S4 Turbo etc.

There is very limited information regarding the number of FC3S's sold around the world - and many of them are no longer on the road ( in the UK they all suffer the same fate : RUST - this has seen many of them go to the big garage in the sky )


1986 - 1989 S4 EGI

1989 - 1991 S5 Turbo II Coupe / S5 Turbo II Convertable

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