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My Cars

I have owned a few FC3S's and this is how it all started and what cars i have had.

How It Started

I had just returned from holiday in the summer of 2002 and my next door neighbour had this red wedge shaped car on his drive and i had no idea what it was

After chatting to him he told me that it was a Mazda RX7 - at this point i had NEVER heard of them

He took me for a quick spin in the car and I was smittened - I had always wanted a car with pop-up lights and this fitted the bill

So the search started .......

My 1st RX7 - The EGI

I came accross the EGI from the old mazda yahoo groups ( i think ) so after many emails between the seller and myself I headed down to Northampton to buy it ( about a 340 mile round trip )

The car was fine and had appeared as a test car in a magazine ( click here for the article ) , so I took it for a test drive .. i wasnt sure how to drive the car so i got the seller to take me for a spin in it. Thats when the fun started... he took me for a warp speed trip around the local B roads and that was it - I had to have it.

Money was handed over and i was a proud owner of my first RX7 ..and thats how it all started.

My 2nd RX7 - The Turbo II

It was Jan 2003 and i found out that I was going to become a dad , so the EGI had to go. As soon as the seller took my car away i was on the hunt for the next one.. i couldnt stand being without my RX7.

The yahoo groups was still in operation and i stumbled accross a 1990 Black Turbo II that fitted all my requirement. After many email between seller and myself I took the trip to Leicester to pick the car up ( a bit closer this time around at only 300 mile round trip ).

The car looked superb and i wanted to test drive it straight away. I shot off in the car for the test drive and WOW what a car - it was great - i had to have it. The deal was done and i was a proud owner of the car.

It came with full service history , a recent rebuild and was in pretty good condition.

The car was purchased on the 4 October 2003 and my daughter was born on the 6 October 2003 - so it was very very very good timing on my behalf !!

This is the car that slung shot me into the world of being a RX7 owner..........

My cheap car had turned out to be just that - it was a rot box - no offence to the previous owner - but it really really was rotten. I was checking the front wheel bearing for play and managed to dent the floor pan , from this I found another 5 small holes around the car and thats when it came apparent that this car was held together with rust ( see the Rusty Rex section for information and pics ).

I did a few mods to this car :

  • Fully De-catted Exhaust
  • Induction Kit
  • Water Temp Gauge
  • Oil Temp Gauge
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Boost Gauge
  • Air Fuel Ratio gauge
  • Battery Voltage Gauge
  • Fuel Cut Defence
  • Uprated Clutch
  • Rear DTSS bush elimation
  • Clutch Master Cylinder was rebuilt with new seals ( and braided clutch hose )
  • Blitz Bov
  • Magnacor Plug Leads
  • Megan Racing Front Strut Brace

During my time of modding the car - i became a very active member of europes largest mazda rotary internet forum ( www.mazdarotaryclub.com ) and i was invited to become a super moderator - im still very active on that site and visit it about 20-30 times a day !!!.


My 3rd RX7 - 1987 JDM Convertable - Auto

After spending many a waking hours on MRC I came accross a White JDM ( Japanese Domestic Market ) Convertable. It was the right price for a project car - so i bought it. The better half wasnt pleased that i would have 2 RX7's on the drive - but I didnt care - it was cheap and I have always wanted a "drop top".

The car was purchased from Warwick ( closer to home this time at only a 250 mile round trip ).

The car was trailored to my house as it wasnt really in running condition and it sat on my drive for about 12 months before it was sold on.

A member of MRC bought the car and he did a full engine swap and auto > manual conversion before selling it on again to another member of MRC.


My 4th RX7 - 1991 JDM Convertable - Auto ( and current car )

At the back end of 2006 ( September ish ) I stumbled on another RX7 on MRC and i really wanted it - many weeks worth of emails went back and forth between the seller and myself and once we reached an agreed price I bought the car.

The car sounded great - it had done about 5000 miles on a full rebuild , came with after market wheels with new tyres , a brand new tannue cover , turbo timer , braided brake lines , uprated front brake pads and had a very rare tan leather interior.

The car was trailored to my house from Durham ( not too bad distance wise - about 240 mile round trip ) the car was bought as a non runner and i bought it purley on price ( if you visit MRC im well known for being cheap ). I thought it would be a simple fix to be honest and i thought it was just flooded.

The car cause me no ends of problems and lot and lots of head scratching. After checking most of the engine bay electrics I couldnt get the car to run, it was only when the ECU was checked and was found to have been sitting in about 4 inch of water that the light at the end of the tunnel could be seen.After sourcing a JDM ecu from Austrailia I go the car running. Only then to find out that the water had ruined the ABS ecu aswell - so I had to swap that out aswell.

There were more probs with the car as I found out as I went along, it needed new headlight switches ( these were again sourced from Aus as they HAD to be jap switches ) and it needed rear back boxes ( which were bought along with the car).

I then found out that i was going to become a dad again - so i made the choice to sell the 1990 Coupe and keep the Cab as my car ( this was a very hard choice ). I advertised my car on MRC and was bought by a good friend of mine - so that made the choice to sell it a little more bearable.

The Cab was prepped for the MOT in April 2006 and passed first time ( I was very very shocked to say the least ) , the car was taxed and insured and is now my new weekend toy.

Update : 21 May 2009

Right then - Finally got around to taking some pics of the car!! , I havent done much to the car since i bought it but here is a basic list of the mods :

  • Aftermarket 16 inch alloy wheels ( Enkie - I think thats how you spell it )
  • Turbo Timer ( Not sure of make )
  • Green Stuff Front Pads
  • Full set of braided brake hoses
  • Front Strut Brace
  • Recently fitted ( April 2009 ) a full set of Drill and Grooved Discs
  • After market back boxes with 4 inch exit
  • Blitz Dump Valve
  • LED Lights in the dash to show that the front/rear fog lights are on

Another update of parts that have been added ( 7 July 2009 )

  • Brand New Bosch Battery ( Its a S4 model with 60Ah and 540 CCA ) - so well up to the job
  • Full set of Magnacor Leads
  • K&N Cone Filter

Another update of parts that have been added ( 30 November 2010 )

  • Fitted a centre de-cat pipe
  • Fiited a FCD to cope with the decat

I have a garage full of parts - so i will update the list when I get around to fitting stuff .

I took the car to Rotorstock this year ( 2010 ) and ran it down the strip , I really believe now that an auto is not designed for drag racing !!! You cant launch very well and it had a tendancy of missing 2nd gear out on full boost ( now .9 Bar ). It would set of from the line ( slowly ) as the boost kicked it would fly to the redline , but it wouldnt auto change up , so you had to back off for a split second , but it then selected 3rd and it couldnt pull from that low down the rev range ( we all know what its like when you accidentally change from 1st to 4th and not 2nd - well its was the same as that )

After a few runs , i figured out that if you hold the throttle at about 80% open it would happily change from 1st to 2nd to 3rd, but it wasnt full boost. The next problem i found was that when you hit 3rd gear , if you floored it , it would sometimes drop back into 2nd and that really wasnt healthy !!!!!!!


Update : 03 April 2013

Its been a while since i have updated this site , but i managed to completly break the auto box in the JDM cab , I had the car booked in for a MOT back in 2011 , but the previous day I went to fill it up with petrol so that i could give her a run around and on the return home the car wouldnt change up from 2nd gear and i have lost reverse.

Due to this , the MOT was cancelled and she was left on the driveway in shame

Fast forward to Sunday 2nd October 2011 ....

After speaking to another club member on MRC , I did a deal on a 1989 UK Cab in white , the car ticked all of the boxes for me ( basically it changed gear and ran ! ) .We agreed to meet at Gretna Green on the England / Scotland border and the deal was done.

Had a family drive up , spent about an hour or so talking to Richard about the car and its life ( and his reluctance to sell her ) and the deal was done and i drove her home. I thought it would be easier to just buy another car than try and fix mine and this seemed the best way of doing it

My 5th RX7 - 1989 UK Convertable - Manual ( and current car )

After the 230 mile round trip the car was home .. she ran fine and I had no issues with her at all , so that was a really good sign.

The car has about 117K miles on her now and has been rebuilt in the past ( although im not 100% sure when ) , but with the little milage that I do , it should last another 10 years !!

The car came with quite a few "bits" on her but still left with me some extra ones to fit :

  • Koyo Radiator
  • Koni Yellow Struts all round albeit with stock springs
  • HKS Oil Temp Gauge - Unfortunatly this doesnt work
  • HKS Oil Pressure Gauge
  • HKS Water Temp Gauge
  • Both cats have been replaced with straigh thru pipes
  • Tannaue cover
  • Cusco Front Strut Brace
  • Red Magnacor HT Leads

The car came with a FULL car cover in the boot , so that was then placed on the JDM Cab to try and keep it clean

Based on that the car has been fully decatted first job was to get the stock intake removed and a FCD fitted to free up some BHP , so that was carried out one weekend and a Blitz BOV fitted. Whats ironic about the FCD / BOV / Induction Cone is that they were all purchased from a guy who had bought my Black Turbo II ( as above ) he must be the 4th or 5th owner from me selling it

I did some digging around on MRC and I found another previous owner of the car ( his username was Timmo ) and he had spent a lot of money having the car resprayed. I have had interaction with this car in the past as the person who was doing the spraying lived pretty local to me and bobbed around to have a look at my car at the time to see how far up the doors the stone chip went etc..

I have been having problems with the gearbox / clutch on the car and it was really getting hard to change gear ( sometimes you couldnt even select first gear without fear of snapping off the gear level - yes it was that bad )

So due to this the car was laid up on the drive way for a while and was getting very little use.

She was taken for a MOT in June 2012 and passed ... althought she came with a warning that she wont pass next year due to rust and bad brakes. Its a UK car to the rust wasnt a shock to be honest , but it was a dawning realisation that I could end up with 2 cars on the drive both in a non working state.

A phone call was placed to a "friend recommended" mobile welder , he bobed round and quoted me for the welding to be carried out ( £200 ) which to be honest i thought was fair for both the cills doing , the only thing i needed to do was get the seats out and the carpet up.

A date was arranged and I carried out what i needed to do. Ant arrived and did the welding , it took him about 4 hrs to cut out the rot and get some nice new steel in there. The new plate was coated in "seam sealant" inside and out side ( this is really thick sealant that should stop it ever rusting again ) . I then bought some spray on underseal and a gun and sprayed the underside of the car, I gave the new area about 5 coats just to make sure that it wont rust again !!! . The spray on underseal is really nice stuff and gives a factory finish appearance

The inside was given 2-3 coats of primer and 2-3 coats of white paint ( which you cant see once the carpet is back down and the seats are in).

Since i started this "white" spraying , I decided to give the engine bay a clean ... this is where it all went wrong !! Since I had made a clean spot , I then started removing parts of the car so that i could clean behind them , and since I was taking parts off the car , I ended up spraying some of the brackets blue ( not sure why .. it seemed a good idea at that time !) and since it was looking a bit cleaner , I started to replace some of the standard bolts with nice shiney allen key headed ones.

More parts have been purchased for the car over the past 12 months .. some will get fitted , some prob wont , but im a bugger for a bargain :

  • GP Sports Front After Market Bumper
  • 17 Inch alloy wheels ( well these were swapped for some lowering springs )
  • Alloy panel that fits over the rad
  • Drilled and Grooved front disc
  • Vented headlight cover
  • Different Back boxes ( that dont fit )
  • Genuine Mazda Convertible Car Cover ( this is rare as hell )

I have manged to get the wheels fitted to the car ( that was a bit of a nightmare as the locking wheel nuts didnt fit so I ended up ordering a load more ) , but they are on the car now and give her a nice look

Due to the gearbox issues I was having I decided to bleed the system , and to be honest , that didnt help at all. So then I decided to mess with the actual pedal / plunger assembly , after adjusting the plunger on the back of the pedal it all seems to be working much better now

Well that seems to be a lot of typing from me , so here are the pics ( I will try and order the pics as to when I took them , so it should demonstrate how the car has progressed ) :



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